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We are the team of like-minded people who united with the goal of creating vivid, unforgettable stories for Russian and world screens. In 2014 we founded The Film Company "Integration".

All of us are experienced filmmakers, who have a solid list of favorite films for the viewer, telling about love, friendship, hope and that a miracle can happen to each of us.
Today one of the main tasks of "Integration" is to prepare and launch large international film projects.

General manager

«When we created our own film company, we immediately decided that we would do cinema with a Russian flavor and it will certainly be resonant stories. Our goal is to make Russian cinema understandable and interesting to the international audience.»


Many years the specialists of our company have been working mainly in the field of post-production. As a result, a complete base was formed for the work on the finalizing of the films.

Today " INTEGRATION " offers services for the installation of film and television products. At our editing complex, films were created: "Waiting for a miracle", "Tariff "New Year","Pushkin. The last duel","While the Fern is blooming "," Belovodye. The Secret of the Lost Land","Quiet Outpost","Corridor of Immortality", etc.

Also in the film company " INTEGRATION " on the basis of DaVinci Resolve created a color correction studio, certified for TV and theatrical screens.

In addition, our specialists are actively working in the field of computer special effects. Over the years, close ties, contacts and extensive experience in SFX have been developed.

We have a studio for acting dubbing and multichannel sound mixing based on Samplitude and Pro Tools with unique acoustic system, created by Philip Newell (
We created the sound for such projects as: “Pushkin. The Last Duel”, “Quiet Outpost”, “Belka and Strelka 3”, “Belovodye. The Secret of the Lost Land", "While the Fern is blooming", "Corridor of Immortality", "Victory Day", "Through My Eyes", etc.


The Film Company “INTEGRATION” has a large number of partners in various fields of both domestic and foreign film production. One of these strategic partners is AIR STUDIOS (London)

This legendary studio recorded such famous performers as Adele, George Michael, Katy Perry, and there they recorded music for the big Hollywood films: "The Lord of the Rings", "The Hobbit", "King Kong", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Mission Impossible " etc.

The Integration Film Company offers a unique opportunity to record and mix orchestral music at one of the world's most famous studios